18 Christmas Nature Craft Ideas With Kids

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There are many fun things you can make with kids during Christmas from natural elements they can find outside. Pinecones, rocks, sticks, and fruits can all be turned into a fun natural Christmas craft, and provide an added element of fun to your nature walks during the holiday season.

I thought it might be fun to share some Christmas Nature Craft Ideas you can do with your kids this year.

18 Christmas Nature Craft Ideas To Inspire You

With Christmas season on its way, it can be especially hard to stay focused on school during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Many homeschoolers simply take off the entire month of December.

We tend to press on a bit because we take so many spring and fall travel days, but by mixing it up a bit during the holiday season with crafts and fun holiday books, you can help the countdown move along.

Here are plenty of great nature craft ideas to keep you busy.

christmas nature crafts

Christmas Nature Craft Ideas Using Pinecones

My kids simply ADORE finding pine cones and bringing them home. I’m not sure which is larger our pine cone collection or our rock collection, but I am sure I could get them to give up a few to make these cute Pine Cone POM POM Trees or Pine Cone Angel Ornaments.

Kids Christmas Crafts

If you can get your hands on some small pine cones, these DIY Pine Cones Table Placeholders are super easy and super cute.

Maybe you could make some Pine Cone Owls or Pine Cone Christmas Trees as you listen to Christmas carols.

If you and the kids are super crafty and want to really create a rustic Christmas decor for the house check out these bleached Pine Cones (without the bleach)

If you get super ambitious and want to make all of these great pine cone Christmas Nature Crafts, but haven’t been able to collect enough pine cones, you can always pick up a few extra on Etsy.

Christmas Tree Craft Ideas Using Rocks & Seashells

Are your kids as obsessed with the painted rock phenomenon as mine are? Let them paint some Christmas rocks.

Create a beachy feel on the tree with these easy beach Christmas ornaments. You can even take a super easy route and make some salt dough Christmas ornaments. Kids will LOVE mixing in the colors.

DIY Starfish Ornament

If you still want some natural ornaments ideas, here are 10 more Christmas Ornament Nature Crafts to make with Kids.

Christmas Nature Craft Ideas Using Twigs & Sticks

Even the smallest explorers will love hunting for sticks and twigs for these crafts.

christmas ornaments with twigs

Consider making these adorable Christmas Tree [shaped] Ornaments with Twigs or how about some tree branch stars? And what about some adorable stick Santas?

santa stick
Image courtesy of Red Ted Art

If you like Advent calendars, you and the kids might enjoy making this DIY Minimalist Advent Calendar with an evergreen branch.

Christmas Nature Craft Ideas Using Fruit

Have you always wondered how people make those super cute ornaments from dried fruits? Pine cones and orange slices hanging on a real tree creates such a sweet rustic Christmas look.

Here’s a super quick way to dry orange slices for which you can use in the making of Christmas tree ornaments. You can also dry apples for garland. If you don’t want to use dried fruit, try making these fragrant Pomanders to hang from your tree and if you love the color of Cranberries, try your hand at these cranberry activities with the kids.

What fun things have you done with natural elements for Christmas?

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